Monday, April 30, 2007


1331 Holden

Detroit, MI 48202 map

Hillary had a great idea that is getting positive feedback. The idea is to make the K of C parking lot a drop off point for recyclables during the garden meeting.

All we need is a driver (or a few to rotate weekends.) I hope to find willing and able drivers at our Neighborhood Watch meetings.

Also, Mary Jo would like to invite garden members to scavange a few of her favorite sites.

Anyone interested should send an email to info.hhcg(at)gmail(dot)com.


Shaar said...

Hi Tom and Nadine--Just 'checking in'--Sorry to have missed last meeting. Will see all of you on May 5th! Any news about the soil testing?

Shaar said...

By the way, I work at Forest Island Recycling and am able to get many wonderful things--MOST of which are like new! So, I've been making a list of articles/materials of which we may have need as Hamtramckin Gardineers! Also, your time-clock is 3 hours early--Ha!

Nadine said...

thanks shaar! i'm sure we can put all the recyclables that you collect to good use.

FYI: tom is attending a graduation ceremony on saturday and he may be late. we may also lose a few volunteers to cinco de mayo. we may be working on thursday and friday to make up for lost time. be sure to check your email.

(i think i have the time set to pacific instead of eastern. whoops.)

no news yet on the soil testing. but, we can build raised beds lined with cardboard or newspaper and fill with the organic compost and soil from GRPC.

angel said...

i am intereseted in organizing a drop off spot in hamtramck within the next three weeks anyone who knows furhter info on the subject or who wants to help should contact me immediately at